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Hire Developers You Can Trust

Harness the power of remarkable software engineering talent without the stress of hiring processes through staff augmentation.

With Ehrlich, you’ll be able to streamline costs while utilizing the
expertise of specialized professionals. Here, we don’t just offer a team that you can trust, we also bring you knowledge that you can count on.

We’ll walk you through the best methods and strategies to maximize your business’ potential, holding your hand in every step of the process.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that allows you to hire skilled tech resources on an external basis to temporarily or permanently fill certain positions in your team. It enables you to choose candidates that fit your requirements while having the flexibility to cut or extend your augmented team to complement the knowledge and skills of your in-house team.

This strategy helps you determine your existing staff capabilities and define what skills are needed to set your business up for success.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Flexible Workforce

Team Augmentation gives you the flexibility to hire dedicated software developers according to your business’ short-term or long-term needs. It bridges the gap between the supply and demand of software engineering talent cost-effectively and efficiently.

Larger Talent Pool

Short-term hiring provides you access to a very large talent pool of skilled professionals, allowing you to leverage the available market talent.


Staff Augmentation Services grants you access to the software development talent you need without bearing the long-term cost of a permanent employee and the infrastructural costs of building and conducting operations at a new place.

New Ideas

Having a fixed employee network can often lead to a stagnation of ideas and opinions for business development and increasing profits. With staff augmentation, you can engage with different outlooks from a diverse set of professionals.

Ask Us Anything

Businesses looking to expand their capacity define the skillsets they lack and the number of developers needed, then staff augmentation firms like Ehrlich will recruit talents that match all or most of their requests. Once the screening process is complete, the candidates will be given job offers.

Through Ehrlich, you can hire seasoned software developers with varying tech stacks.

Definitely. You can interview the dedicated team we select for you and decide for yourself whether they’re the right fit for your business.

No, the team you hire will be dedicated to your business alone to ensure the quality of our service.

We stay on top of our developers’ productivity internally using Clockify and Asana, but you can monitor your dedicated team on your end through any project management software of your choosing.

Project outsourcing hands over the full project or aspects of the project to an external company, while staff augmentation adds virtual resources to an in-house IT team to help manage workload.

As part of the staff augmentation process, you will define how you will communicate with your new team members. In turn, we prepare a structured communication plan, which includes your preferred communication channels and hours.

We don’t train developers, but we hire job-ready candidates that match the skillsets you need.