Keyboard Shortcuts Every Developer Must Know About

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Are you looking to become more productive as you work through the Software Development Life Cycle? Learning keyboard shortcuts is definitely the right move.

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Every developer who has handled projects can agree that you will never run out of things to do in this profession. That’s why it’s important to utilize keyboard shortcuts that can make you more efficient and productive as you build software and applications. Although it may seem that shortcut keys would only save you a few seconds every time you use them, you would be saving hours of work each week when you use them every day.

In this article, we will be covering keyboard shortcuts that every developer must know about. Disclaimer: These shortcuts typically work in text editors such as the Visual Studio Code, but it is not applicable in all editors. Also, if you are using a Mac computer, just replace any use of Ctrl with Cmd, and you’ll be able to benefit from this guide as well.

Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts that have helped Ehrlich developers optimize their workflow:

Windows Shortcut Keys

Copy The FileCTRL + C
Paste The FileCTRL + P
Cut The FileCTRL + X
Save The FileCTRL + S
Select Entire FileCTRL + A
UndoCTRL + Z
RedoCTRL + Y
Minimize All The Opened Applications And Show DesktopWin + D
Open Run windowWin + R
Open Windows ExplorerWin + E
Switch between two applicationsALT + Tab
Navigate tabs on applicationsCTRL + Tab
Open Control panelWin + R + appwiz.cpl
Open RegistryWin + R + regedit
Open Remote Desktop connectionWin + R + mstsc
Open Internet Information Services (IIS)Win + R + inetmgr
Toggle Comment CTRL + /
Move Cursor Whole Words At A Time To The LeftCTRL + left arrow
Move Cursor Whole Words At A Time To The RightCTRL + right arrow

Browser Shortcut Keys

Open a closed TabCTRL + SHIFT + T
Developer ToolF12
New TabCTRL + T
New Browser windowCTRL + N
Show page sourceCTRL + U
Add BookmarksCTRL + D
HistoryCTRL + H
Navigate To The Address BarCTRL + L
Find The PageCTRL + F
BackAlt + Left Arrow
ForwardAlt + Right Arrow


According to a Forbes article last year, software and app development is one of the top 5 growing career fields in 2022. This is because of the increased focus on remote work and smartphone development. By managing your time more efficiently and finding ways to boost your productivity, you will gain a competitive edge in the IT industry. 

If you want to excel as a developer, practice these shortcut keys, learn the technical skills necessary, and associate yourself with reputable IT companies. Whether you’re an outsource developer or an in-house staff, you will be able to effectively improve your productivity and improve your time management skills as you use these keyboard shortcuts.

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