How To Start A Career In Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology
As more and more companies put Blockchain technology to good use, several software developers have stepped up and transitioned to Blockchain development. Even so, their numbers are not enough to address the increasing demand for Blockchain developers.

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Although Blockchain was initially created as a platform to support Bitcoin, the technology demonstrated a level of versatility and security that garnered the attention of governments and business sectors worldwide. As more and more companies put the technology to good use, several software developers have stepped up and transitioned to Blockchain development. Even so, their numbers are not enough to address the increasing demand for Blockchain developers.

Do you find the idea of becoming a Blockchain developer intriguing? If your answer is yes, then you may be wondering how you can start taking this career path. Well, this guide was made just for you. But before anything else, let’s cover the basics.

What Is A Blockchain Developer?

In a nutshell, a blockchain developer is a software engineer who focuses on blockchain technology. Now, there are two types of blockchain developers: they’re called Core Blockchain Developers and Blockchain Software Developers.

  • Core Blockchain Developer: These developers create and maintain the architecture of blockchain systems. Designing protocols, developing security patterns, and supervising the network as a whole, are part of their job description.
  • Blockchain Software Developer: These software engineers build applications onto existing blockchain platforms. They’re in charge of handling front-end and back-end development, design, and maintenance.

Now that we got the different types of blockchain developers out of the way, it’s time to actually learn how you can become a Blockchain developer.

How can you start a career in Blockchain development?

If you take a moment and look into job market data and statistics across different countries, you’ll find that Blockchain developers are in high demand, receiving competitive salaries and good compensation packages. There are thousands of active projects in the space, but not enough skilled developers to take on the challenge. Now is definitely a good time to start a career in Blockchain development.

Be one of the few expert Blockchain developers out there by following these three tips:

1. Get to Know Blockchain’s History

One great way to get into Blockchain development is to learn why the technology was needed in the first place. As you may know, the story of Blockchain is the story of Bitcoin. That said, it is a must for an aspiring Blockchain developer to become familiar with Bitcoin. Visiting Reddit Bitcoin forums, staying current on Blockchain news, watching YouTube videos about cryptocurrency, and purchasing cryptocurrencies are good ways to do this.

Regardless of how you familiarize yourself with Bitcoin, the bottom line is that any immersion in the world of cryptocurrency can give you an advantage.

2. Learn Different Programming Languages

Being an expert in Blockchain development requires you to be comfortable with a selection of programming languages. C++, SQL, JavaScript, and Python are a few of the many languages that would be useful if you’re a Blockchain developer. The more programming languages you add to your arsenal, the better.

3. Take Online Training Courses

Just like any other marketable skill, you will be able to master Blockchain development by taking a course through an accredited training provider. With a quick Google search, you will find lots of online training courses that you can take to jumpstart your career in Blockchain development.

You can also take the CryptoZombies and Space Doggos courses to get a grasp on Blockchain’s development. No matter how silly their names may sound, these courses are fun and entertaining ways for you to learn Solidity Code, the code used in writing smart contracts. This will put you on the right path to mastering Blockchain development. According to developers, Space Doggos is particularly useful in this matter, as it lets you design your space dog using actual Solidity Code.


It is undeniable that Blockchain development is a hot trend these days. You could say that it is one of the most promising yet demanding areas in software development. Become a successful Blockchain developer by building on your skills as a software engineer. With a good foundation, you’ll be able to upskill and be one of the few expert developers in this space.

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