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Mid-Level Shopify Frontend Developer

Ehrlich IT Services, Inc. is looking for Mid-Senior Ecommerce UI/UX Web Designer Shopify (UI/UX, Design, HTML, CSS, Webflow, CMS) to start ASAP.

We are seeking visually-oriented, customer-centric UI/UX web designers with experience using WYSIWYG tools to build out experiences according to web best practices. Our ideal candidate has strong attention to detail about how each Page/Section/Site should be set up for editing and how the overall final product looks and feels. Experience with UI/UX design and web UI/UX best practices for frontend design is important. UI/UX experience with e-commerce is a big plus.

You’ll be working closely with our production team, including the customer onboarding team, design staff, and developers, to build cool stuff for our clients.  You will be using a new startup WYSIWYG CMS platform for Shopify so your programming skills will mostly be needed to understand how different parts of the WYSIWYG tool and its UI widgets will behave when you implement web designs with great detail. 

Your job will be to mainly build and debug templates for the new platform with WYSIWYG, but will also require HTML and CSS knowledge for building parts of templates from scratch.


– Build website Sections and Pages from scratch using a NO-CODE Design Tool

– Carry out complex edits to existing templates directly in the content editor

– Carry out more complex App installation & configuration

– Build Design Tokens from scratch

– Working closely with the project manager and designer

– Ensure projects meet UI/UX quality standards.

– Participate in project meetings and provide status updates



– UI/UX experience designing and building responsive interfaces

– Knowledge of front-end development best practices

– Successfully created entire websites using browser-based websites editors/CMS platforms such as Squarespace, Wix or Webflow

– Visually oriented, able to accurately translate mockups and existing sites to the front end builder

– Ability and willingness to work in the U.S. East Coast time zone (graveyard night shift) at least in the first couple of months. (This is a remote work from home position, but late nights will be required)

– Ability to think from an end-user perspective with regards to organizing site/page structure for the best UI/UX user experience



– Commonly used CSS properties and what they do (padding, margin, etc)

– The difference between Float/Margin vs Flexbox

– The difference between Absolute positioning vs Relative positioning

– Different types of links and how they work

– How states work (e.g. hover state)

– CSS Content Box model / best practices for building out content and text

– How conditions work (If this, then that)

– Ability to optimize images for web



– Portfolio of Webflow projects

– Ecommerce platform configuration

– Web development experience

– Design skills

– Knowledge of Shopify and its App ecosystem

– Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Graphic – Design, or Information Technology (or other relevant degrees)



– A very competitive compensation package

– Health insurance (HMO) package

– Can work remotely

– Flexible work schedule

– Paid hours for training and paid expenses for online courses

– Work with start ups and developers around the world.

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