About Us

Ehrlich is a Filipino-German corporation that specializes in staff augmentation and software development outsourcing with transparency and honesty at its heart.

We carefully handpick competent software engineers and staff to deliver exemplary products and services. Apart from that, Ehrlich also strives to assist startup companies in reaching a point of stability.

The Story Behind the name

The word Ehrlich in German means

Honest and Upright.

Everyone in the company is treated fairly and with respect. Ehrlich is not just a word for us—it is who we are individually and collectively.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between Filipino engineering talent and world-class software development projects and offer services trademarked with honesty and transparency.

Our Vision

To become a powerhouse of competent software engineers and exemplary products and services.

Our Company Values

The Triple I’s that ground us. The foundation of everything we do.


At Ehrlich, our products and services are rooted in honesty and transparency. We deliver full-cycle software development services responsibly with due diligence.


We strive for continuous improvement as we pursue your business’s short-term and long-term goals. We move forward purposefully to meet your software technology needs.


We deliver products and services effectively and efficiently with minimal supervision. We follow through with strategies while exceeding our specific responsibilities.

The Team Behind The Scene

The Management

Ryan Tan Yu


Bastian Lauer


Erika Dell Sancho


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