5 Tell-tale Signs You Need An Augmented Workforce

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Amid the pressing need to adopt new technologies to do business, companies across different industries face the challenge of acquiring quality talent. This is when staff augmentation in the Philippines comes in handy.

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Amid the pressing need to adopt new technologies to do business, companies across different industries face the challenge of acquiring quality talent. If you’ve been doing business for some time, you’ll be able to attest that qualified candidates can be scarce. This is when staff augmentation in the Philippines comes in handy.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, staff augmentation is actually a popular outsourcing model that can quickly fill any talent gap within an organization. The way it works is that staff augmentation companies hire seasoned software developers in the Philippines for you to meet your business needs. This hiring model gives you almost-instant access to qualified software engineers, allowing you to acquire the necessary skills to tackle your pending projects in no time.

How Can I Tell I Need An Augmented Workforce?

Acquiring an augmented team can always help your business in some way, but after offering this service for quite some time, we can say that it works best when you’re going through certain scenarios. To aid you in your decision-making process, here are 5 tell-tale signs you need an augmented workforce:

1. You Often Find Your Team Overwhelmed By Their Workload

Do you often find your in-house software engineers overwhelmed by their workload? Then perhaps you are in a position that requires you to scale your team quickly.

Whether you’re experiencing fast growth or tackling complex projects, if you need to scale your team quickly without worrying about building up skillsets, you can do it easily by hiring an augmented workforce. Staff augmentation companies offer highly skilled and experienced professionals that enable you to ramp up your development efforts without delay.

2. You’re Having A Hard Time Finding Specific Skill Sets

Different projects require different skills and talents, most especially if you’re using cutting-edge technology like blockchain, augmented reality, etc. Now, finding those talents can be extremely challenging, given that there aren’t that many professionals with those skills. Lucky for you, staff augmentation helps you acquire these talents without the stress of the entire hiring process. Through staff augmentation companies like Ehrlich, you’ll be able to access a large talent pool in the industry.

3. You Need To Reduce Overhead Cost

Every businessman knows that hiring quality local talent can get expensive quickly. It requires you to offer competitive salary packages to outbid other companies looking to hire the same candidates. In addition, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to find the right fit for your business needs.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to reduce your overhead cost, you should definitely consider having an augmented workforce. Aside from allowing you to skip the hiring hassle, it enables you to cut overhead costs without sacrificing the quality of your craft.

4. You’re In A Slump And You Need To Be More Innovative

It is undeniable that a development team that has been working together for some time tends to think alike. Although this can be great in terms of productivity, this can hurt innovation—staff augmentation in the Philippines can help solve that. Adding new software engineers to an established team can bring fresh ideas to the table and reveal alternative pathways that your team can take to reach a better outcome.

5. You Want To Level Up Your Tech Team

Staff augmentation, although popularly used to fill talent gaps in organizations, can also help bring a good team to the next level. They can provide the extra muscle you need to be more efficient and effective while working on new projects, leading to better results and exemplary services.

Even when your in-house team can handle their current workload and have all the skills you need, an augmented workforce can help improve the quality of your work and bring your company to the next level.


Every company, at one point, needs the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing challenges. An augmented workforce is the perfect solution to achieve this. If you can relate to any of the five scenarios above, then it may be time for you to consider staff augmentation. Still not convinced? You can check out our previous blog covering five reasons why businesses prefer an augmented team.

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